Follow your Passion

Follow your Passion season 2 episode 7 - Pauliina Rasi, communications consultant

March 20, 2023 Erwin Wils - Millionaire Life Strategy Season 2 Episode 7
Follow your Passion
Follow your Passion season 2 episode 7 - Pauliina Rasi, communications consultant
Show Notes

Please welcome my guest and friend Pauliina Rasi, founder of Pauliina Rasi (PR) Communications. Born and raised in Finland, she started working as a journalist. Then she followed her love and moved to Switzerland, became pregnant and started her entrepreneurial journey.

We had a great conversation, I hope you like it too!

**Introduction [00:00:04]**

Erwin introduces the podcast and himself.


**Introducing Pauliina [00:00:45]**

Erwin introduces Pauliina Rasi, his guest for the episode.


**Pauliina's career as a journalist [00:01:35]**

Erwin asks Pauliina about her career as a journalist and how she got into it.


**Moving to Switzerland [00:02:51]**

Pauliina talks about how she moved to Switzerland and met her husband.


**Learning French [00:03:47]**

Pauliina talks about her experience learning French and how it differs from communicating in Finnish or English.


**Communicating the "why" of a company [00:08:08]**

Pauliina discusses the importance of communicating a company's mission and values.


**Taking a break for motherhood [00:09:32]**

Erwin and Pauliina discuss Pauliina's decision to take a two-year break for motherhood before starting her own company.


**Motherhood Break [00:09:51]**

Pauliina talks about taking a break for motherhood and how it helped her reflect on her priorities and pursue her entrepreneurial dreams.


**Entrepreneurial Path [00:10:47]**

Pauliina discusses how her break for motherhood gave her the courage to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams and develop her own methodology for supporting small business owners.


**Chat CTP [00:13:31]**

Pauliina shares her thoughts on using AI writing tools like Chat CTP, highlighting their benefits and potential pitfalls.


**Mix of Writing and Strategy [00:18:05]**

Pauliina talks about her love for the mix of writing and strategy in her work, and how empowering small business owners is a fulfilling aspect of her job.


**Overcoming Writer's Block [00:19:27]**

Discussion on how to overcome writer's block and the power of writing from the heart.


**The Energy Behind a Post [00:20:26]**

Exploration of the concept of energy behind a post and how it can impact engagement.


**Digital Minimalism and Impactful Content [00:23:17]**

Discussion on the importance of being mindful with digital media consumption and focusing on impactful content that reaches the right people.


**Sharing Personal Information on Social Media [00:26:03]**

Importance of sharing personal information on social media to build human connection and trust with the audience.


**Choosing Social Media Channels [00:28:08]**

Discussion on how to decide which social media channels to use to reach the target audience.


**Choosing Social Media Platforms [00:28:27]**

Tips on how to choose the right social media platform for your business, based on where your audience is located.


**Email Marketing [00:33:56]**

The benefits of e

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