Follow your Passion

Follow your Passion episode 5 - Sarah Dunn, Get It Dunn

May 09, 2022 Erwin Wils - Millionaire Life Strategy Season 1 Episode 5
Follow your Passion
Follow your Passion episode 5 - Sarah Dunn, Get It Dunn
Show Notes

"It's really not useful if you don't use it!"- Sarah Dunn

Please meet my guest Sarah Dunn. Sarah is a professional organizer and founder of Get It Dunn and she helps people to declutter and organize their things, leaving them with space and what matters most to them.

She has always been an organized person herself, but it wasn’t until a few years ago she started helping friends that reached out to her to declutter and organize their own spaces. Realizing that transforming one’s environment leads to much greater and more consequential transformation, she was hooked. What started out as a side passion, next to her work as event planner, became a fulltime passion when Covid hit. She wanted to help out 10 people in her first year, and those 10 people became over 90 people.

Sarah said that organizing is so much more than house cleaning, it's actually more therapy and she's right; decluttering your space also declutters your mind.

And don't you just love her last name? Even her clients are saying it: They just want to Get It Dunn".

If you want to know more about her services, check out her website

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